About One Riot

Let’s start with the name.

The story goes there was a riot in a Texan town. Somebody called for the Texas Rangers to help but only one Ranger showed up.

“Only one ranger?” a bystander gasped.

Only one riot,” the Ranger replied.

For us, that attitude sums up charity communicators. A small number of people working in charity comms can have a big impact. We’re not scared to tackle the biggest or most under-served causes. And we often do this in the most imaginative ways.

One Riot looks at engagement across the sector and how charities – big and small – are achieving cut-through using PR, communications, marketing and advertising, across channels, to reach, motivate and help people.

Against a complex, changing backdrop of fierce competition, charity distrust, digital disruption, and an uncertain world, we want to celebrate the fantastic work that goes on in our sector in communicating authentically, whether it’s the razor sharp delivery of tried and tested tactics or the more risky ‘stand out from the crowd’ moves going on across the charity sector.

We look at trends and approaches, as well as the big challenges facing charity engagement and how the sector is doing in response.

About the Authors

Lisa DayLisa Day has worked in the charity sector for 16 years, including leading teams for the last 10 years. She is focused on audience-led communications and content and has a Masters in health promotion from King’s College London. You can reach her on Twitter at @wordsbylisaday.

Richard Evans

Richard Evans has worked in communications leadership roles for the last 12 years, and is Deputy Director of Marketing and Communications at Bloodwise.  He has written a biography of Basil Clarke, the founder of the British PR industry. You can find him on Twitter at @richardjaevans.