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10 fastest growing charity Twitter audiences over last 3 months

There’s a quarter of the year gone already, and so it’s time for a first look at how social media audiences have been increasing in 2019.

First, Twitter. And the (slightly boring) headline is that the growth in audiences in the first three months of 2019 isn’t that different from what we saw in 2018.

Mind still has the fastest growing audience, adding 14,200 followers since the start of the year. And of the 10 charities with the fastest growing audiences over the last three months, eight were in among the 10 fastest growing in 2018.

The two new entries into the top 10 are Dogs Trust and Comic Relief – though it’s worth noting that we’ve recently had Red Nose Day.

One point of interest for long-time readers is that the huge growth National Trust has seen in recent years seems to have settled down. After a long time when its growth easily outstripped the rest of the sector, it is now growing at a fast but unexceptional rate.

But the rest of the sector has a long way to go before it catches up with National Trust – it still has more than 150,000 more followers that second-placed Macmillan Cancer Support.

Here’s the top 10 (each charity’s position in the rankings for growth in 2018 is in brackets)…

Increase in Twitter followers

  1. Mind, 14,200 (1)
  2. Comic Relief, 10,209 (-)
  3. Guide Dogs, 9,562 (9)
  4. RSPB, 9.176 (3)
  5. Dogs Trust, 8,417 (12)
  6. National Trust, 8,168 (2)
  7. Woodland Trust, 7,171 (6)
  8. Samaritans, 5,553 (7)
  9. Rethink Mental Illness, 5,514 (4)
  10. Stonewall, 4,636 (8)

As always, it’s worth saying that looking at number of Twitter followers is just a finger in the air and doesn’t necessarily reflect how well a charity is “doing” at it. Some charities have causes that make it easier to build a big Twitter audience than others, and the number of followers doesn’t say anything about how much its helping the charity deliver its objectives. And the results are likely to be at least partly due to the resources – both staff and non-staff – committed to it.

I looked at 84 charities, focusing on those that had among the highest fundraising income, are fundraising charities, and have a significant social media presence. It doesn’t claim to be a comprehensive list. Data was recorded on April 2, 2019, and compared to December 27, 2018.

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