50 charities mentioned most in Parliament in 2018

A couple of years ago, I looked at the 50 charities mentioned most in Parliament in 2016.

It’s a list with a lot of caveats. Firstly, not all Parliamentary mentions are created equal -some are more prominent or more aligned to organisational objectives than others.

The number of times you are mentioned is also likely to reflect what’s topical as much as it does the quality of your Parliamentary engagement.

And it’s important to remember that all the Parliamentary mentions in the world can pale into insignificance compared to a single conversation with a Minister that changes his or her mind.

But it is still, though, a finger in the air – a rough proxy for the extent to which charities loom large in the collective Parliamentary consciousness. And so I’ve done it again for 2018.

I hope it performs a useful service by allowing charities to understand how their figures compare to their peers.

This year, the number one charity highlights that not all Parliamentary mentions are a good thing: Oxfam, whose place at the top of the chart is because of the focus that resulted from the sexual abuse scandal that caused it so much damage.

Another thing that stands out in the list is the number of times the Children’s Society have been mentioned in Parliament. Their 3rd place with 81 mentions isn’t a flash in the pan – they were the 2nd most mentioned charity in 2017; and 4th in 2016.

There has also been a big increase in mentions for CLIC Sargent, up to 21st place with a 5-fold increase compared to 2017. As someone who works for a cancer charity (Bloodwise), this confirms the impression I’ve already got that they seem to be really effective campaigners at the moment.

And they’ve been mentioned 13 times already in 2019, meaning that they are on course to rank even higher in next year’s list.

There has also been a big increase in mentions for Breast Cancer Now, who have more than tripled their mentions since 2016.

Those are the things that stand out to me – here’s the list!

Number of mentions in Parliament in 2018

1 Oxfam 100
2 Unicef UK 95
3 Children’s Society 81
4 Amnesty UK 75
5 RSPCA 67
6 Cancer Research UK 65
7 Save the Children 64
7 Age UK 64
9 Royal British Legion 55
9 Mencap 55
11 National Trust 46
12 Macmillan 41
13 Woodland Trust 34
13 Barnardo’s 34
13 Christian Aid 34
16 Guide Dogs 32
17 British Red Cross 31
18 Stonewall 30
19 Salvation Army 29
20 NSPCC 27
21 Prince’s Trust 26
21 CLIC Sargent 26
23 Battersea Dogs and Cats 25
24 BHF 24
24 Diabetes UK 24
26 Alzheimer’s Society 23
27 ssafa 22
28 Samaritan’s 20
29 RSPB 19
29 Leonard Cheshire 19
31 Cats Protection 18
31 Breast Cancer Now 18
33 Marie Curie 17
34 Anthony Nolan 15
35 IFAW UK 14
35 Blue Cross 14
35 Stroke Association 14
38 RNLI 12
38 Terence Higgins 12
40 World Vision UK 11
41 Rethink 10
42 WWF 9
42 ActionAid UK 9
42 Help for Heroes 9
42 CAFOD 9
46 MNDA 7
47 Tearfund 6
47 Action for Children 6
47 Parkinson’s UK 6
50 Teenage Cancer Trust 5
50 Plan International UK 5
50 MS Society 5
50 Comic Relief 5
50 Bloodwise 5

These results should just be seen as an indicator, as they were arrived at using an online search of Hansard. Some charity mentions may have been missed because an abbreviation was used. Equally, there may have been occasions where the name of a charity was used but not as a reference to that charity. In some cases where charity names come up a lot in speeches (Mind, Crisis, and Shelter, for example), the charities were not included in the analysis.

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