National Trust’s approach to Twitter

Regular readers of the blog will know that we often wax lyrical about what a great job the National Trust does on Twitter (it increased its audience by more than any other charity in 2017).

Which begs the question: what’s the secret?

So we asked Anna Rawcliffe from the National Trust to do a guest blog post about their approach. Over to Anna!

Putting engagement and customer service at the heart of your Twitter approach

thumbnail_Anna Rawcliffe profile pic
Anna Rawcliffe

Respect your community.

We put engagement and customer service at the heart of our approach, not only because people are at the centre of our charity, but because they should be central to our work on social.

We dedicate time to have one-to-one conversations with our Twitter community, listening to them and understanding what they need from us. Whether someone wants to understand our stance on a particular subject, find out where to visit with their family over the weekend, or simply discuss the all-important jam or cream first debate, we’re here to talk to people.

Social advocates can help get a brand’s content out there, but they’ll only be your advocates if they’re engaged with what you do. That’s why we make sure the content we share reflects the many stories the National Trust has to tell.

We focus on photography and video which celebrates seasonal moments, or shows a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the work our teams get up whilst looking after our places. We build a content calendar to ensure we’re taking advantage of key dates and moments for the Trust to maximise the impact our content has on Twitter.

It’s not always about what you can plan, though; we leave room to take advantage of reactive content opportunities and relevant trending topics.

Spend time talking to people on Twitter and share the stories your charity has to tell through timely and visual content.

This won’t just lead to more followers, but more importantly, it’ll result in more people actively engaged with the stories you share.

Anna Rawcliffe is senior social media executive for the National Trust

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