Charities with biggest increases to Facebook audience

Five charities have increased their Facebook audiences by more than 30,000 already this year.

Cancer Research UK is way out in front of everyone else, having increased its number of likes by a staggering 74,715 to take its total to a massive 1.44 million.

The National Trust is also doing extremely well, with the second biggest Facebook growth this year to add to the fact that it has the largest – and fastest growing – charity Twitter following.

As with Twitter, the charities that started the year with the biggest audience tend to have increased it by the biggest number.

The biggest increases for charities that started the year with less than 100,000 likes are for the Stroke Association (who have increased their Facebook likes from 69,997 to 80,476) and Prostate Cancer UK (up from 60,331 to 70,048).

And while Leonard Cheshire has a relatively modest audience of 32,418, it has seen its audience grow by a very impressive 23.5% since the start of the year.

Increases in Facebook audience so far this year
  1. Cancer Research UK, 74,715
  2. National Trust, 39,061
  3. RSPB, 36,885
  4. BHF, 30,534
  5. IFAW UK, 30,141
  6. Woodland Trust, 26,735
  7. Alzheimer’s Society, 24,926
  8. WWF, 18435
  9. Oxfam, 17,467
  10. Unicef UK, 15,151

Of course there’s much more to doing social media well than numbers of followers. The size of a charity’s audience is also likely to at least partly reflect levels of resource dedicated to social media, both staff and non-staff, and the nature of the charity. 

Data was recorded on 29 April 2017 and was compared to data collected on 31 March 2017.

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