New advert brings child workers to people’s doors

The new advert from the Fairtrade Foundation is worth watching.

It shows ordinary people signing up for a delivery of fruit and vegetables from a fictitious company and then the heavy boxes being delivered by child workers.

It’s a really effective way of challenging people to think about the sourcing of products before they buy.

Not only does it make a really clear point, but it helps address the fact that people often feel removed from, and so less emotionally connected to, the issues that charities campaign on.

By bringing the child workers to people’s front doors, I think it makes the viewer more likely to be able to relate to them as real people rather than as an abstract issue.

It reminds me of a direct mail campaign some years ago where there was a hole, about the diameter of a golf ball, the reader was asked to put a finger through. They then learned that one of the malnourished children the charity was seeking to help could pass a whole arm through a hole that size.

By doing this, the charity was able to make the reader be able to see the child as a real person and so break down any sense of emotional detachment. (H/T Sam Leith’s excellent You Talkin’ To Me?)

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