Websites making big use of video

Have you seen the Unicef and ActionAid websites recently?

While the idea of making a big, arresting image the centrepiece of a homepage is now a well-trodden path, they have gone one further by doing the same with video.

Unicef website – makes visitors feel like they are there

Rather than people needing to click play to watch them, the videos take up the lion’s share of the homepage and start playing as soon as the page loads.

In both cases, I think the videos are very effective. They make the viewer feel like they are right there seeing the issue for themselves, and they clearly get across what the charities do and the benefit that they bring.

ActionAid website – clearly shows the benefit it brings

Clearly, this is an approach that will work better for some charities than others, but I wonder if we will see more websites trying it.

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