Pop-up shops for homeless charity

One of the most interesting charity comms campaigns I’ve seen so far this year is from a Canadian homeless charity called Raising the Roof.

It has set up pop-up shops across Toronto in places homeless people sleep (cars and doorways, for example) as a way of raising awareness of the difficult choices they are forced to make.

A car becomes a pop-up shop

The idea of the shops, which are painted white and really make a striking image, is to get people to sit up and notice a problem that might otherwise pass them by.

As Stephen Gaetz, director of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, told the Toronto Star: “People get used to things and then ignore it. You know it is there, but you become immunized, what is great is to think of creative ways to draw attention to it.”

I think it’s a great idea – a simple but vivid way of getting across an important message.

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