Annual review that puts people front and centre

As a rule, annual reviews are not much to get excited about.

They can sometimes be dry affairs that have the distinct sense of going through the motions.

Macmillan annual review

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s found the annual review a difficult medium for getting across what a charity is all about.

In fact, I can’t remember seeing an annual review I’ve felt genuinely excited about. Until today.

The annual review? Macmillan Cancer Support’s annual report and accounts 2015.

The reason it’s so good? Because while lots of annual reviews put real people front and centre, it’s the first I’ve seen that is actually named after someone it supports.

 It’s called “Being there for more people like Lara when they need us most”,  and the decision to include the name of Lara Honnor, who was supported by Macmillan after being diagnosed with breast cancer, sends a powerful message.

It really gets across Macmillan is absolutely focused on the people whose lives it changes for the better.

Great stuff!

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